Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Really, It's a Boy

We added a new book, Don't Eat the Babysitter! to Q's library this week. I saw it at the preschool book fair, and since it featured a family of sharks (the reigning favorite animal), it seemed like a good fit. Sammy Shark and his little sister Sophie are under the care of a patient little angelfish who does her best to teach him to control his biting problem. It's a cute story, but one that brought up an unexpected issue.

Sammy has a little sister.

And so does Brother Bear, from the Berenstain Bears, as well as many, many storybook characters where they've drawn a sibling of each gender to broaden the audience as much as possible.

The result? Q now thinks he's getting a little sister. "Little brother," I tell him.

"No, little sister," he replies calmly. It doesn't seem to particularly interest him that it's a girl versus boy, just that it's obvious that is what's coming, since we keep running across little sisters in stories.


Mayberry said...

I hadn't thought about that before, but you're right. Lots of "one of each" families out there in book/TV land.

kittenpie said...

Ha! I admit, I'm a little nervous about the gender thing because all pumpkinpie wants in the world is a baby sister. We keep telling her that when mommies and daddies get a baby, they dont' get to pick, but even though she has a friend with a baby brother, I think it would be a tough sell. Not that she knows she's got a sibling coming at all just yet. A few more weeks, and then we can tell her everything at once.

Mamacita Tina said...

You're right. Hm, I'm trying to think of any where there are two brothers or two sisters. Hmmmm...