Friday, March 28, 2008

My Sister is Totally a Hero

Yesterday, she gave birth to her first child, a nine and a half pound baby boy! Those of you who have met me in person know that I'm on the petite side of the scale, and I'd like to point out that I'm the "big one" in the family. The little guy is almost as large as she is! Many, many congratulations to Lady O, her husband, and son – a happy and healthy family.

As I sat with my parents in the hospital room, watching Lady O hold her baby, I patted my tummy and mused out loud about the future of our three boys (Q, Swimmy, and not-yet-blog-named nephew).

"They could be like the Jonas Brothers, the teen Disney band we saw on Dancing with the Stars. I'll bet they could earn us a fortune!"

My mom replied, "Oh boy, we can mis-manage their careers!"

"And when they go into rehab, we'll have to run their entertainment empires, just like Britney's dad."

Sadly, my family has all too realistic thoughts about childhood fame and we'll probably make them all study engineering and play rock band on the side. Or something.

Do you read Amalah? Her new preggo blog gets these great weekly illustrations by Secret Agent Josephine. The one above is my favorite, for Week 9.

SwingDaddy and I have been watching a lot of the Food Channel lately, so I especially enjoyed a post about her being a surprise judge for a Bobby Flay Throwdown, and also appreciated her expression of being excited about her coming baby, but not especially about being pregnant. You said it, lady.

If you are Secret Agent Josephine and you came here because I reposted your copyrighted picture, please accept my apologies – it was just so darn cute – and would you please respond to my email when you get back from vacation? I'm begging you to let me pay you to design a blog banner to replace that nice blank white space at the top of this page.


kittenpie said...

That picture is adorable! And yeah, I'm totally on the side of not loving the actual pregnancy business. Even if it runs smoothly, it's just... not comfortable.

tali said...

Congrats to Lady O and family!

Mayberry said...

Ohhh, yay for Lady O and the BIG boy!

Bon said...

congrats to your sister and family...and yeh, those three little boys will be a ball together. your mom's comment cracked me up. :)

SAJ said...

Hahhahahhaha! You make me laugh. Yes, I am here finally. Good way to get me to get back on top of my email!