Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lacking that Pastel Easter Dress Picture

This morning, we didn't quite get that perfect photo of a dressed-up child – pink dress and white gloves for a girl, sailor suit for a boy – carrying a impeccably styled Easter basket and reaching for a hand-dyed egg in the sunshine. That would have required us to convince Q to change out of his footie pajamas and have our act together a bit more. Easter came so early this year that we're barely past the birthday festivities, so we did a simple egg hunt at home.

Note to self for next year: Set ground rules clearly. Child should collect eggs and place into basket. Afterwards, child is allowed to consume some portion of the treats immediately, saving the rest for later.

The "saving for later" part was completely lost as Q gleefully opened each egg, announced its contents and stuffed his mouth. Thankfully, I'd filled half the eggs with goldfish crackers, but that still left him with a good handful of Dots (gumdrop-like candies).

Photo: Mama will have to plan better to obtain an artful photograph of handmade spring crafts some other time. For now, a shot of the eggshell wreckage will have to do.

We also spent some time working on the downstairs bedroom – converting it from Mr. Original Owner's office into a guest bedroom. The wooden rails on the wall were formerly used to mount innumerable bookshelves and desk units, and we'll need to take them down when we have more time. My folks will be the first visitors, since my sister is due with her first any day now. We're going to have quite the troupe of little boys around here!

Q is excited that all his grandparents are coming to visit this spring.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Our EB put goldfish in the eggs, too... Hope the step-stool thing works out!

He's getting so BIG, but still as adorable as ever!

Mayberry said...

We don't have any pictures (all kinds of malfunctions, dead batteries and the like) so we can just go ahead and pretend that we WOULD have gotten those perfect shots, if only ...

Mamacita Tina said...

Mmmmm, Dots. Glad to see Q enjoyed Easter, and comfortably dressed.

There's no stopping the kids from opening the eggs to eat what's inside. It's just too tempting. Well, that is until they realize there's another kid out there collecting all the rest of the eggs.