Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Suppose It was Too Good to be True

The week after we moved into our house, Q and I walked down the street and dropped our photo Christmas card in our immediate neighbors' mailboxes, stopping to introduce ourselves to the family or two that happened to be home. A few days later, the teenage daughters of one family made a return visit with homemade cookies, to welcome us to the neighborhood. How kind!

I also thought that it might have been a clever way of announcing they were available as babysitters. I had high hopes, and left a phone message for them several weeks ago, asking if one or the other could watch Q for an evening. Their father called back, saying that they were out of the country visiting family, but said that they did indeed babysit. Hooray! Babysitters within walking distance!

Not so fast. I called tonight to see if I could line something up for the weekend, but it turns out that they go to college forty miles away and don't live at home anymore. It might have been my poor phrasing or a language miscommunication from our first conversation, but I apologized for disturbing them and sighed. I guess we're going to keep doing pick up/drop offs for a while, or wait for the middle school-aged girl next door to grow up instead.

Totally unrelated thought, brought to mind by all the headlines from American Idol: Even though I don't watch the series, I could totally tell in past seasons when a contestant was going to get voted off. My parents would choose his/her song to leave the room to change Q's diaper.


sam staffen said...
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Justine said...

Dr. Sam-I-am,

I wonder if dingbatitus is absorbed through studying and naming it?

BTW Someone give me enough time in the day to come up with level of drivel?? please??

Mamacita Tina said...

Q is so expressive while singing! Love it!

We don't have any nearby babysitters either. I wish we had staked the neighborhood out better for that possibility before we bought.

Mayberry said...

We are in the same boat -- all of our neighborhood babysitters grew up and went away to college. bummer!

YF said...

Q is absolutely fabulous w/ the mike. Love it.

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