Saturday, March 15, 2008

Better than a Trip to Seattle

There is little that I miss about business travel. I used to be on the road at least once or twice per month and learned quickly that a conference room in any city is pretty much the same as a conference room at home. Since I moved to the new business unit last year and so much of our "remote" work is done via video, I've only traveled twice. With a toddler at home and another on the way, the only part of my former frequent flyer life that leaves me wistful were the repeat visits to New York City. I took advantage of every spare minute to see musical theatre, even lining up the most-likely-to-be-canceled meetings on Wednesday afternoon, so that if they fell through, I could hit a matinee.

This morning, I ran across one other thing that I missed. The bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a bagel sandwich from the D Concourse of the Seattle airport. Mmmmmm. I think they were also especially tasty because I'd get my hands on one at the point of absolute exhaustion after a long day of meetings. Then I'd settle at the gate, doing my best to balance sandwich, drink, and laptop on the narrow plastic armrests of the institutional seating while waiting for the inevitable flight delay announcement.

Fortunately this is a much easier craving to remedy than trips to New York, and I found a local deli that made me a nice bagel BLT for only three dollars. Much better than airport pricing, and certainly much better than being in an airport.

Photo credit: The Passionate Cook. Note that my BLT does not include sesame seeds or cream cheese – just BLT and a little bit of mayo.


Bob said...

It's bacon!

I found out that the lettuce at In N Out burger was hand packed into a tight bundle to make it look like a chuck cut out directly from a head of lettuce. Does taste good though (instead of just a thin leave).

Gazetteer said...


As a Lotuslandian who often flies through and/or to Seattle (more now than ever since the Canadian dollar began to soar), I can vouch for those SeaTac BLT's.