Saturday, March 08, 2008

And the Party Rocks On

If I'd written this post yesterday, it would have been titled, "Someone Please Tell Me This Looks Like a Guitar," but it passed muster with Q this morning. He pointed out that it was a "coustic guitar" and he'd prefer an electric guitar, but I let him know that my skill with gumdrop decoration was somewhat limited and he would have to settle for what I was able to design.

We had eight of Q's playgroup pals and their parents over this morning for a birthday playdate and had a blast! There's nothing quite like seeing a passel of three year olds playing Rock Band.

This is a form of non-violent piñata to which we've just been introduced. There are ribbons attached to the creature, and a trap door opens when the children pull out the ribbons, scattering the toys and candy to the floor. What a super idea! Much better than giving a big stick to preschoolers.

I'd come up with a craft, making picture frames with the foam stickers that were such a hit from the last party, but didn't have time to print pictures of the kids in advance. It turned out to be ok, because between the toy guitars, piñata, and the tunnel/tent city, everyone was pretty busy anyway.

Q was shy at first, as he usually is, but brightened up when we started the music. He was pleased to hand out instruments to his friends and was eager to eat cake. We've known all these munchkins since they were a few weeks old (back when I called it Mommy Group, because the babies certainly weren't playing with each other then), and I can't believe what articulate little people they've become already.

One last image – Q riding the bull (piñata) after carefully checking that there are no longer any chocolates inside.


fourthbreakfast said...

My first exposure to a pull pinata was at a bridal shower. It was filled with cosmetics, gift certificates and candy. The stuff of girl fantasy. Interesting to see that all the kids pull at once. Each guest at the shower took a turn selecting and then pulling a string.

kittenpie said...

Happy birthday, Q!
And I love that idea for a pinata!
Because yeah, the stick scares me.

Mayberry said...

Looks like a perfect party (and I could definitely tell it was a guitar).

K goose blog said...

very cute... great job!

Mamacita Tina said...

Oh, what a great party.

Happy belated birthday, Q!!!