Monday, February 11, 2008

Will Someone Take This Stamp Off My Hands?

US first-class postage rates are going up again in May, up a penny from the current 42 cents. Thank heavens for the "Forever" stamp, which doesn't expire, because although I mostly deny being obsessive-compulsive, this is one area where I can't hide.

I keep my stamps and address labels clipped with bills-to-pay, and there's one niggling item that annoys me every time I clean out the to-dos. An old stamp. I miscalculated the number of two-cent stamps I needed at the last rate increase, and now there's one leftover stamp, awaiting a particularly heavy letter that needs additional postage, or an international letter, or even a postcard.

It disturbs my sense of balance to not have completely used up my old stash of stamps. Yes, I'm weird that way. And since the article mentioned the last rate increase was May of 2007, I realized that I've been re-filing this one stamp every week for eight months. I'm tempted to keep adding cardboard to my next mailing, just so it passes the one-ounce weight limit and I can use this darn stamp.

Ah well, I suppose we'll have some fat envelopes going out at tax time, so I just have a few more months to hang onto it.

More on skating: Ilia Kulik performed with SOI yesterday, and while he's still a spectacularly clean jumper, I wish he'd hire a world-class choreographer (i.e not himself). Liza, his daughter with Ekaterina Gordeeva, is now six and completely adorable, almost muppet-like in cuteness. Pictures of Katia, her older daughter Daria, and Liza skating at another event here.

In the book-sorting for the move, I discovered that I have two copies of A Letter for Daria, the companion book to Katia's autobiography. Let me know if you want my spare!


Mamacita Tina said...

Whoever thought of the forever stamp, was absolutely brilliant!

ewe are here said...

Oh, I used to love ice skating; I used to figure skate when I was young. And gre up an avid follower of the top tier of skaters...

That little girl has some stellar ice skating genes!

Anonymous said...

I read this article

shedges said...

No but I will give you the extra 2c stamp that I have left over becasue I bought one too many!