Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sold, Sold, Sold!

(Side note: The folks at my office may often be oblivious, but this is getting ridiculous. A fellow with whom I’ve had at least two meetings per week for the last year stopped by my cube this afternoon to ask a question, and said, “Hey, um, are you . . .?” patting his stomach.

Yeah, I’m due in two months. “Wow, I didn’t notice!” I guess I must have just looked like I was hitting the buffet too hard. Or I can choose to flatter myself that I’m carrying well, which is what I’m going to do since I’m starting to feel quite round and bulbous at this point.)

We sold our old house. Yes, I mentioned it before, but was too afraid of jinxing everything to write much more. Today, the deal is done. Money in the bank, utilities transferred to the new owners, huge sigh of relief.

We’re definitely in a weird real estate market around here. There’s been very little inventory, so we had a heck of a time finding our current home, and we certainly weren’t about to sell before we found something new, in case nothing became available in a good school district in our price range. So, it meant that we had a month and a half of two sets of loan payments, which is pretty alarming anywhere, but particularly in the Bay Area.

After Moving Day, we had the old place repainted, kitchen re-floored, cleaned, staged, and photographed, all with the help of our rock-star realtor (if you’re local and need a recommendation, let us know). She led a broker tour on a Thursday, open houses on Saturday and Sunday, and we took offers on Tuesday. We got seven bids. Wow!

At 4pm on offer day, the hopeful buyer realtors came and presented their client’s cases to us, and we learned a lot about the process. In a multiple-offer situation, the realtor makes an enormous difference in how you appear. Some agents were flaky and disorganized, one was tentative and sabotaged her own case, and it was obvious who really had the whole act down.

Three of the offers were good ones, and by 6pm, we made a counter-offer to two. A few hours later, the buyers we liked best accepted our counter, and we were all delighted. Their realtor had every i dotted, every t-crossed, every disclosure signed, and prepared a summary sheet that laid out their terms clearly. The couple themselves had written a cute letter about themselves complete with pictures of family gatherings with their local grand-niece and grand-nephew. I hope they are really happy in the house.

I’m also hoping that the good real estate karma will rub off on other bloggy friends who are hoping for smooth house sales and purchases. We did a lot of preparation, but we were also incredibly fortunate in timing and market.

SwingDaddy and I went back last week to tidy up, and we walked through the house together one last time. I had wondered if I would be wistful and sad. Instead, I felt peaceful. I have precious memories of our years there. Our first home, where we cuddled baby Q, where he learned to walk and talk.

It was a wonderful little house for us as a new couple, just starting out. And now, it’s time to go home to our wonderful new house, to make memories of playing Guitar Hero in the family room, host playdates for Q, and wait for Swimmy to be born and learn to walk and talk.


Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, you had multiple offers, impressive. Our area, no one seems to be able to sell. On weekends, the neighborhoods are flooded with open houses. Glad it went well for your family.

Mir said...


And thanks for the good wishes, too, although I have given up wishing for my house to sell and have somewhat accepted that it's just not happening. Lots of extraneous factors in my case, though.

Anyway, enjoy the single-mortgage life! :)

Mayberry said...

Yesss! That's great news.

ewe are here said...

congrats on the sale! I'm glad it went quickly and smoothly for you.

Karianna said...

Wow, congrats on the house sale!

Whew... Well, we got a tiny bit of your luck, as we now have some renters, so that is good.

Your coworkers crack me up.

kittenpie said...

Yay! We just started the process with our old house, and it will be a pain, but I will be really happy if it goes fast. As will our tennants, I'm guessing.

wayabetty said...

Congrats to you and Swing Daddy!! That must be a lot of weight lifted of your shoulders!!

And that's too funny about your co-worker. But I'm sure you carry well too.