Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not the Last Time After All

It was going to be the end of a tradition. Every winter for the last ten years, SwingDaddy, Lady O, and I go to see champion skaters when Stars on Ice comes to town. It's been a fabulous show, but gradually, our old favorites have stopped touring, the directors and choreographers have changed, and I figured this might be our last time. After all, next year, there will be three little boys who will need babysitters (my sister is due a month before me).

Nope. We're getting babysitters. It was a great show. Through a combination of being returning patrons and fan club privileges, we had the best seats we've ever had before – on the ice, just a few feet from the center line.

SwingDaddy took some great photos. Yuka Sato was lovely as usual.

Michael Weiss, a new addition, has tremendous showmanship. No worries, he's not landing on his head – he's leaping upwards.

Sasha Cohen was headlining for the first time. She's a stunningly beautiful skater, although we hope to see her gain more connection to the audience in the next seasons.

Shen and Zhao had great throws and lifts. And what a difference a makeover and new wardrobe can make, if you've ever seen the eyebrow-raising gear of their early days.

Daring Kyoko Ina and hunky John Zimmerman were back again, being crazy as ever. They actually crashed during a particularly wild lift, but managed to recover before skidding into the audience. We got to shake John's hand this year, and SwingDaddy got to shake hands with Sasha as well.

My favorite group number: Throw-back rocker band with adoring schoolgirl fans.

A fun night!


Karianna said...

Ooooh! I used to go to these all the time! But then I married a guy who thinks skating and gymnastics aren't "real" sports.

Ha, ha, serves him right that now both his sons are taking gymnastics! AND, we've recently gotten him on the ice, too...

Luckily, he loves to dance, so he's a keeper!

Mamacita Tina said...

They crashed and then skidded into the audience...the show must go on! Shake it off, right?

Looks like a wonderful evening indeed!

kittenpie said...

That does look like fun. And wow, great photos!

K goose blog said...

Congrats on the house.

Love the photo of T and tay.