Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Little Dude Overcomes a Fear

A couple of weekends ago, we got together with a dear group of old friends, in a post Christmas, late Epiphany dinner. The costume was Kings and Queens, and it was delightful to see how everyone interpreted the theme, pulling out rare items from the back of closets. We saw sequined Middle Eastern, quasi-medieval, long tunics, and even a Disco King. Our family was quite international. I wore a French Regency gown, SwingDaddy wore a Scottish military uniform, and Q would have worn his Chinese emperor vest, had he be willing to keep it on.

After the usual warm-up period, Q did really well, showing off toys to various adults and looking with interest at the two little girls also in attendance. Everyone took turns unwrapping presents during the gift exchange, and the girls received fuzzy animal masks. Harmless enough, but Q really freaked out when they put them on. He was so unhappy, pulling on my arm, that I accompanied him out of the room.

“They’re just masks, honey. They can take the masks off, and the people are underneath.” It took a good ten minutes of reassurance, but he finally agreed to come back into the parlor and the other parents kindly let him know that the masks were put away in a box.

The next day, I asked him whether he’d had a good time at the party, and he said that he had, except that he “didn’t like masks.” I reminded him that masks can be taken off, and he nodded. He must have been thinking about it, because one lazy morning a week later, he made an unusual request while we drew on the giant sheets of packing paper left over from the move (a little crinkled, but perfectly fine for our crafts.) Typically, he asks for pictures of vacuum cleaners, but instead he asked me to draw people wearing masks. Then he asked me to draw people without masks. "They can take the masks off," he said.

Not long after that, we were looking through photos on my computer, and he asked to see pictures of the little girls at the party in their masks. And then not wearing masks. And he smiled.

A fear overcome. Good job, little dude!


ewe are here said...

Clever boy. :-)

Mayberry said...

OK, now I wanna see a picture of vacuum cleaners...

Seriously though -- very wise little guy you have there.

kittenpie said...

Vacuum cleaners? And I thought the "do me a bunny" obssession in our house was strange when she was small...

But way to go, Q. My latest is that monsters are scared of dogs, since Pumpkinpie goes to bed with about a dozen stuffed ones.