Friday, February 01, 2008

It Only Took Seven Days

Remember how I said that gossip and physical appearance rank low on the scale of things noticeable to people (read: guys) at my office? Today, a full seven days after my haircut, I got my first in-person compliment! (Aside from SwingDaddy, of course.) It just took that long to run into sufficient women, I think. I'm sure it had nothing to do with how I barely run a brush through it in the morning before running out the door.

The #5 Reason Why I Love This House

The Insta-Hot tap lets us make hot chocolate or tea immediately, without boiling water in a kettle or even turning on the microwave. There’s a cold tap for refilling water bottles too. It’s not something I would have known to request, but I sure am enjoying it!

Well, except for tonight, when the innards decided to spring a leak and make a mess under our kitchen sink. SwingDaddy diagnosed the problem (faulty O-ring) and will make a Home Depot run tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll be back in business shortly.

We’re having a SuperBowl/Guitar Hero party this weekend, and I’m realizing that while we’ve unpacked a whole lot of boxes and set up our computers, the house is really, really undecorated. We don’t have a single picture on the wall, and there’s not much in the living room besides my childhood piano (sent up by my parents!) and about a zillion Legos and Lincoln Logs. I hired professional cleaners to go through the whole place the day before our move-in, but it’s just been our little amateur scrubbing efforts since then.

Hopefully, the football game, guitar antics and food will be sufficient to distract our guests and no one will notice that the disheveled state of the house. When the piano arrived last week, the lead mover asked us, "When are you moving in?" We said, uh, we already did.

Maybe we can send everyone outside to pick clementine oranges.


ewe are here said...

Love the hot tap. WE could really use one of those.

YF said...

is it better or worse that i have complimented on my hair cut when i haven't had one? engineers...

we can't wait to see the new house tomorrow and all of you!

xoxo C

grm nese said...

Lady M,
I have the Hot Shot @ my sink and use it all the time. It's essential in a COLD"""" climate:)
grm nese ps like the hair cut

Momma to LG said...

I love the new hair. We are going to make it for a bit tomorrow!