Saturday, February 09, 2008

If I'd Known This, I'd Watch HGTV Every Day

The only shows that I've watched with regularity since Q was born are So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. People would tell me about all these cool programs about improving one's wardrobe, remodeling a house, and so forth, and my response was pretty much, "Yeah, yeah, that's nice." When is there time to watch TV?

This weekend, we took a break from major house projects, since the old house is sold and we had our new housewarming last weekend. SwingDaddy and I watched Superman Returns last night (pretty darn good, although Lois Lane frequently doesn't act mom-like. Wouldn't you at least check if your child was ok before stalking around the locked room being angry at the bad guys? I suppose this is not a movie to complain about lack of realism, since I've already accepted the idea of a guy stopping a jet plane from crashing into the ground with his bare hands. Anyway, back to the main story) and tonight, I though we should check out HGTV, a channel that my mom and sister say has cool home decorating shows. There are a lot of very blank walls in this house, and maybe we'd collect some ideas.

We caught the last five minutes of a nifty kitchen remodel, and then the next program was all about redecorating a playroom to look like it was UNDERSEA, complete with jellyfish lamps! I'm going to watch TV all the time, if the Home and Garden show exclusively shows sealife decorating projects.

The image at the top of the post is the "after" picture. Here's a close-up of the nubbly anemone bean bag chairs:

And the jellyfish lamps in the background: I think the plush octopus they selected was insufficiently cute, but of course, I liked the overall theme. Speaking of cute octopi, look what I resisted buying at Bed, Bath, and Beyond today:

Adorable, but really, how many octopus wastebaskets does a girl need?


Anonymous said...
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appleseed said...

OMG! Too cute! HGTV is dangerous!
and IMHO, a girl needs a cute Octopus wastebasket in every room!

Mayberry said...

Wow -- that is a serious room o' sea life!

kittenpie said...

Well, how many bathrooms do you have, is the real question there...

and you know, I often think the really theme-y bedrooms they do on, say, the extreme home makeover are too much, but for a playroom, a theme is totally fun. The anemones are fab!

Mamacita Tina said...

That playroom is awesome!

You showed amazing control not buying the wastebasket, but darn if it isn't totally cool. Would you tell us if you do go back and get it? Or keep it a secret?