Monday, February 25, 2008

I Wear Clown Pants

Yes, I do. I pulled another pair of pants out of the magical maternity box – size XXL men's sweatpants that I lopped off at the ankles. Absolutely not tight over my Swimmy-full belly. Ahhhh.

It's non sequitur night.

The Beautiful Confidence of Youth

We watched part of the Oscars yesterday, and during the presentation for Best Song, I explained to Q that this concluded the section of singing and dancing, which he’d been enjoying. The songwriters from “Once” came onstage to make their acceptance speech, and Q asked about them.

Me: They wrote a pretty song and they won a prize for it. We could write a song too.
Q: Ok.
Me: Where are you going?
Q: To get a pen.
Me: So that we can write our song?
Q: Yup.

Proud of My Alma Mater

They've announced that they will charge zero tuition to families earning less than $100,000/year. That's a terrific commitment to accepting a diverse student body.

A couple of weeks ago, SwingDaddy and I went back to campus to give a talk to students in the dance department about our experience with performances and running our troupe after graduation. We had an unexpectedly good turnout for a small department, but then I saw the table laden with salads, a variety breads and cheese and realized why. Free food – the certain way to attract students!

And free tuition (for some) – even better.


kittenpie said...

Wow. that's pretty damn amazing of them - it would be impressive if some others followed suit, even if at a lower threshold.

petit elefant said...

Hey, found your blog off the amazing bloggess...wanted to let you know about mine{petit elefant}. Loads of free stuff...
Be well,