Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Highly Erratic Internet Shopping

It shouldn't surprise any of you that I receive the monthly email newsletter from a Japanese cell phone charm company, so I'll just go ahead and share my favorite of their new trinkets: a mini plush squid.

Family Labels also sent their newsletter today, promoting their anniversary sale. I hadn't acquired pretty labels with our new address, since I was waiting to add Swimmy. The sale was kind of tempting, so I asked SwingDaddy whether I should go ahead and place an order, with a picture of a tadpole to hold Swimmy's place. Answer: no.

Q and I had a little fun over the weekend with a third product line - Lush Cosmetics. Kimberly brought me some goodies when we roomed at BlogHer, and I rediscovered them in the move. I've been using the lemon sandstone soap, which has both a yummy fragrance and exfoliating edge. Lush is also famous for their "bath bombs." From their website:

Pop a LUSH bath bomb in a pre-run bath and it erupts in a mass of fragrant fizzing, sometimes launching flower petals, leaves, natural butters, and even confetti into the bath water. After a mad frenzy it calms down and gently scents the water with natural essential oils.

I figure that I'm unlikely to get to enjoy a nice bath until postpartum, and at that point, I'm going to want clear water, not erupting confetti. So, I let Q drop the bath bomb into a sink of water, and we observed the effects. Fizz! Flower petals! All that was advertised and more. The little dude was pretty excited to sweep his hands through the water, observe the colors, and crunch the remaining soap between his fingers. Bonus - it's a piece of cake to clean up, since the bomb is meant for the tub anyway. Thanks, Kimberly!


appleseed said...

Those bombs are great, but the ones with lots of petals or seaweed, really can clog the drain and be *interesting* to clean out. If you have a drain strainer it's not a problem...

Love the squid!

kittenpie said...

I am a big fan of lush, but do find the petal cleanup a bit annoying, so I get ones without petals. Their soaps and creams and such, though, are beyond fab, all handmade, wrapped only in wax paper for the soaps, and they will package their creams in any tub you bring them. Environmental, good for you, and yummy, to boot. Luuurve.

Mamacita Tina said...

I love the family labels. I keep toying with the idea of getting something similar to put on the van window, but with the stick people version.

Kimberly said...

Love the squid.

And I'm all about the Lush. Ethics and product, woo hoo!

They have one bomb that leaves The Ladies COVERED in sparkles everytime they use it. But I can never remember which one it is. Aaaarrrrrgh!

Next time you do an emergency preparedness check I'm going to send you a solid shampoo for your kit.

Water Lion said...

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