Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, It Could be Barney or Dora

Q has been obsessed with the band OK Go for the last two months, in particular with their YouTube phenomenon, Here It Goes Again, aka the treadmill dance video. I think just about everyone has seen it, but if you haven't, it's worth a look. One could wish to be that creative.

Q has the whole routine down. Starting with the moment when the guy presses the remote to "start" the music.

Moving onwards to the kicks.

He turned a step-stool on its side to make himself a treadmill.

Please excuse the wreckage of our unpacking behind the artist. Sometimes the muse strikes and the photographer-mommy just has to shoot what she gets.

Another group, apparently known as "Nobody's Watching," did a parody of the Ok Go video where one member crashes off the treadmill (about 30 seconds into the clip). Q loves that part too, and will re-enact the crash over and over. Then he'll get up and whisper, "Nobody's watching!" to me.

We're a weird little family over here, but I figure there are far more annoying obsessions (read: Dora the Explorer) in the world.


Bob said...

Great routine and pictures

Alex Elliot said...

So I must be the only looser who hasn't seen that video! Cute pictures!

Mamacita Tina said...

Okay, this is awesome. I love to see Q performing! Way to go, Q!

Mayberry said...

You really need to make a video of him and post it as a response! He'll be more popular than the band soon!

Michelle said...

Holy crap! Those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen - super cute kid!

Gunfighter said...


I love that video and REALLY love those pictures!