Monday, February 04, 2008

Does Anyone Have Any Name Ideas?

Boys' names are hard. What shall we name Swimmy? We want something that's recognizable enough that people can pronounce and spell it (no silent 7's or extra Y's), two or three syllables (since his middle and last names will both be one syllable), and not in the top ten in last year's popularity list (so that it's less likely he'll be one of twenty Jacobs or Ethans in his classroom).

And then there's the question of what to call him on the blog. Q is short for Cutie (QT), because I figured it'd be obnoxious for y'all to have to read about someone's child as Cutie all the time, but I definitely don't want to use made-up initials for both kids. It starts sounding like a logic puzzle (if A is sitting next to B, and B is 4 years older than C, how fast will the train arrive at destination D?).

I'm fond of calling Q "the little dude" and was thinking out loud about what how it'd be confusing if I call Swimmy "the littlest dude." However, SwingDaddy came to the rescue and coined the term "micro dude." So if nothing else, we've got the micro dude or mini dude on the way.


Mir said...

My name advice goes thusly:
1) Don't tell anyone what you're thinking of (someone will say "Oh, John? I knew an ax murderer named John!")
2) Look up the meaning before you get attached (did you know Brendan means "smelly haired?")
3) If you want something not-weird but not-common, look at the list of names 50-100 in popularity.
4) Pick what you like. :)

Damsel said...

Mir makes very good points.

I, as a teacher, was VERY picky about the name of our son. My rules may have been biased, but here they are....
When his teachers see his name on the roll book before the first day of school, they need to be able to:
1. Pronounce it
2. Spell it
3. Know he's a boy
I was with you about it being recognizable but not in the top 25 names for babies in any of the last five years.... which was sad, because I really like the name Jacob. :( We ended up with a name that was about #90 on the list for two years previous.

I like micro-dude. :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Mir and damsel both make good points.

Micro-dude is cute, but I also like Swimmy.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I like "Logan" or "Alex" or "Dashell".

I don't like "Mister". I know a girl who named her some that. "Mister".

She should be shot.

PunditMom said...

Mir, has anyone clued in Brendan Fraser??

Sorry I'm not more help on a real name!

Mayberry said...

I love thinking about names -- but boys ARE harder, no question. Have you tried Nymbler yet?

You tell it what names you like (Q's name, other names you've considered, girl names, whatever) and it suggests others you might like.

There's also NameVoyager which gives you a good idea of a name's popularity trends. (check out my son's name and its sudden steep rise... bummer).

I like Colin, Justin, Julian, and Theodore but just rejected all of them for you based on the last name/Q's name.

Charles? Joseph? Eli? Barack??

ewe are here said...

I agree. Boys names are soooo much harder. It took us a long time to come up with Baby Boo's name.

kittenpie said...

Sigh. It seems like every name I liked for boys last time around has now hit the popular lists, so if we have a boy, I'm seriously screwed. I'm big on staying away from the popular lists because the kid's last name will be extremely boring and common.

Good luck with this - it is tough!

Christina said...

Boys names are harder. We never had as many choices for boy names.

Alexander was our primary choice if we had a boy. We also liked Julian.

I'm fond of traditional boys names - something Victorian or older.

Binkytown said...

WAIT A SECOND! Where the heck have I been? A very belated congrats to you! And yay for more boys!

Karianna said...

Oh, the name thing was tough here. My history-loving husband wanted to name ours "Octavian Cicero." Ahem.

I like "Swimmy" even for an out-of-the-sac kid because maybe he'll be on the swim team...

"Micro Dude" is cute, but that would only work until he surpasses Q in height, which might be faster than you think. (Younger brothers tend to be taller...)