Friday, February 15, 2008

BlogHer with Baby

I'll have a three month old baby at BlogHer '08. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have even considered doing a conference with a baby, but it's only 45 miles from home, and Liz, Kristen, and Christina were so inspiring last summer, all flying into Chicago with their little ones. I ought to be able to manage a two-day, semi-local event. Besides, how could I miss a chance to see my bloggy friends, many of whom are understanding moms themselves?

Early-bird registration prices end on February 28th. Are you going?

In an unrelated note, I enjoy reading Lisa Schmeiser's thoughtful analyses on consumer spending and luxe shopping trends. She wrote an entertaining rant today about the flush of recent articles that tell you how to make your whole budget balance by saving your Starbuck's money or some other absurd simplification:

Annoying cliché: " After you have kids, it makes sense for one spouse to stop working. You save day care costs, you'll save on transport to and from work, lunches out, expensive office clothing, dry-cleaning for expensive office clothing."

Exactly what in the hell do these people imagine being a working drone in America is like? We are not all swaddling ourselves in Loro Piana, taking the Hummer to work and ordering the foie gras as a 1 p.m. pick-me-up.

Hear, hear. Read more here.


fourthbreakfast said...

Oooh. I like this quote:
there is never a comment saying, "And in recognition of the fact that the (female) parent's retirement nest egg is taking a hit because her Social Security contributions are stalled and her 401(k) will no longer benefit from an employer's matching contribution, we're now bulking up our contributions to her IRA."

Funny, I was going to ask you if you are going to BlogHer. I'm tempted.

Mom101 said...

Awesome quote. Let alone, um...some of us don't even like Starbucks. (Lynch me now.)

If I can give you one tip for blogher: Make sure you don't forget your pump. Talk to Lindsay about that one.

Anonymous said...
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Christina said...

Had it just been Mira, it would have been easy. Throwing Cordy into the trip made it a little more difficult.

I'm glad you're planning to come to BlogHer! I'll be able to swoon over your little one this year. Make sure to find a sling you're comfortable with - it really helps.

Mayberry said...

I'm planning to be there and am always willing to hold a baby!

Lawyer Mama said...

Ooh, I'm going! Can't wait to meet your little one.

PunditMom said...

I'll be there! Can't wait to see you again AND meet the be-be!

ewe are here said...

BlogHer sounds like so much fun.... sigh.

THe quote is rather amusing.

kittenpie said...

Expensive work clothes? Does gap count?

And no, I'm not coming. I'll be eight months gone, in the midst of summer reading club, and on the other side of the continent. Overall, a not-gonna-happen-this-year scenario.