Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Very Last Pup (We Hope)

If we had a crowd of Competitmommies here, I would be pilloried for saying this, but fortunately, y'all are kind-hearted. Here's my admittance of truth: At the ripe age of two years and ten months, the little dude still has one of those unmentionables. A pacifier, a soother, a binky, or as he calls it, "pup."

When he was really little, we didn't mind that he carried one around, and we had a whole bowlful, so that there'd always be a clean one. When the last round of BPA-plastic warnings hit the news, I threw out all the old pacifiers and bought two BPA-free NUKs, which he's allowed to use during naps and at night in his crib.

One of them broke today.

Nanny J told him that the orange pacifier had to be thrown away, and he skipped his afternoon nap, missing "pup." We figured tonight would be a bit tough, but it's time for him to move beyond this stage. We've told him that pacifiers are for babies, not boys. He's too smart for us though.

"Let's find blue pup!" said Q. We protested that we didn't know where the one remaining pacifier was located. "Let's look!" he replied. He took my hand and walked down the stairs. "Let's look in the kitchen!"

I knew the game was up but was still playing dumb. "I don't know where the blue pup is, honey."

He pointed towards the fridge. "Look in refrigerator!"

Yeah, once he learned to move chairs and access the kitchen counters, we started storing the pacifiers in the fridge, which he can't yet open. SwingDaddy opened the door.

Q looked innocently at us. "There it is! Blue pup!"

Darn it, we hadn't thought to hide it in advance. I thought he'd forgotten about the fridge trick, since we haven't pulled out the spare since we moved into this house, but he knew exactly where it was. Anyhow, he happily went to bed with the blue pacifier.

We told him that it's the last one. That his reverse argument that "Pups are for boys, not babies!" isn't going to hold water.

The last one.

My baby. Sniff.


Mayberry said...

Right there with ya -- with another little guy who has figured out EVERY hiding place I've ever used for those little suckers.

Our plan is to send them to a new baby (Julie's) at the end of the month. Here's wishing us both a lot of luck!

appleseed said...

That's a hard one I get to be MeanMommy around here every other day or so when I take the foffer away when Jimmy gets up. Just in bed is the rule around here, too. Luckily Joey has't warmed to them so we won't have to fight this battle all over again!

Good luck! Don't let the competimommies get you down.
Read "Owen" (By Kevin Henkes)and feel better.

kittenpie said...

We went in stages - first only at naps and bed, then not at naps, and finally I "forgot" it a few nights in a row at bedtime, and that was that. It was really when she started chewing them and creating tiny cracks that I knew it had to be the end. I think te last night was maybe somewhere around the same age as Q - somewhere between 2 y 6 m and 2 y 10 m. Don't worrya bout that - he'll do just fine.

ewe are here said...

I'm pretty sure that Ramekin knows where everything is. Absolutely everything.

Observent little things, no?