Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Twenty Dollar Nap

Q was sadly lacking in nappage over the holidays, due to the move, changes in routine, and excitement of having both SwingDaddy and me home all day. The poor kid was getting increasingly exhausted and grouchy, but wouldn't sleep. No, no, no!

On New Year's Day, I arranged for an afternoon babysitter, so that SwingDaddy and I could get back over to the old house and do some repairs and cleanup without small hands stirring chemicals. And what do ya know? The little dude sleeps almost the entire time he's with the sitter. I figure it was about a $20 nap, and worth every penny.

Today's the second day back into routine, and with the help of a nap, he's returning to his usual sunny self (we hope).

*Unrelated photo of cute octopi that were on sale. I was good and resisted the impulse to bring them home.


Mayberry said...

I would gladly pay $20 for a nap almost any day of the week!

ewe are here said...

It's amazing how much difference a nap can make... and yet how hard they fight having them.