Sunday, January 06, 2008

Toilet Interviews, the Sequel

Mayberry's daughter pretty much set the bar for quality interviews of a toilet, but Q is contributing his first effort in the field: Still Life with Toilet.

He's been fascinated with our digital camera over the holidays, and I didn't realize he'd run off with it, until he'd already made it to the bathroom. It's a good thing he didn't drop it. He also captured SwingDaddy's RockBand game and later giggled over seeing himself in the mirror.

I dug out our old camera so that I don't have to be so nervous about little fingerprints on the lens. He's pleased with it, but since the battery charge doesn't hold very long any more, the viewing screen doesn't always light up. I tried to teach him how to look through the regular viewfinder, which was tricky. He sees me close one eye (the visible one) when I look through, so he keeps closing the wrong eye!

We'll keep working on it.


Mayberry said...

excellent... we may need to start a Flickr pool!

ewe are here said...

Something about cameras and kids... they just love them!

My husband got Ramekin a cheap cheap cheap digital camera while he was in the far east last fall so he doesn't mess with ours... ;-)

Karianna said...

You are lucky he hasn't taken video of the toilet. Mine did. And it isn't pretty.