Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stop Sneaking Up On Me

The #7 Reason I Love This House: The floors don't creak. The downside is that I keep getting surprised by SwingDaddy when he enters the room, because I didn't hear the series of warning noises.

The #6 Reason I Love This House: A prolific mini-orange tree! I've been trying to eat enough daily fruit, which is getting tough with the winter selection. The other night, both our remaining apples turned out to be rotten when I sliced them open, but I was able to run outside to pick a few oranges.

I was glad to see that we have a little lemon tree too. I got used to having one at our old place – it's so handy when cooking, since I never remember to buy lemon juice.


ewe are here said...

Oooh, I love lemon. Wish we had the climate for a lemon tree over here.

appleseed said...

Yeah yeah yeah... You and your sunny days and citrus fruits...
I'm gonna go stand out in the rain now.

K goose blog said...

a lemon tree sounds handy. that always falls of my list... the pillow is well worth the sleep. hope it is working.

kittenpie said...

wow - fruit trees! That is cool. We have seomthing that I guess to be a crabapple tree, but it's neve borne fruit. Lovely white blossoms in spring, though.

and I personally can't imagine life without squeaky floors. How do you know where to step if you're not avoiding the loud spots?

Damselfly said...

Ahhh. I envy your trees and your fruit. We had four orange trees. Then the state came and took them away because even though they were healthy trees, they were within a certain perimeter of a tree infected with a disease. Pretty stupid, if you ask me.