Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Things Are Easier the Second Time

My one-hour glucose test was highly traumatic the last time around. For any of you who haven't experienced it, the lab gives you a sugary drink and measures your blood sugar one hour later to make sure that you're not developing gestational diabetes. It sounds really simple, but I'm not a big drinker. Q could out-drink me by the time he was 18 months old.

I've only ever finished a can of soda once in my life, so when I was faced with a 10 ounce bottle of questionable orange origin, I was highly unhappy. You're supposed to finish downing the contents within five minutes so that the lab results will be as accurate as possible. I think it took me close to 15, and I almost vomited the last couple of ounces. The nurse took pity on me and did the blood draw anyway.

Somewhere along the line of early motherhood, I got the hang of drinking more liquids, probably trying to rehydrate while nursing Q. I'll never win any chugging contests, but I drank the required 10 ounces in 6 minutes today and felt a really disproportionate sense of accomplishment.

Now I'm waiting for the one hour to pass and feeling Swimmy kick around, all hyper from the sugar.

(The above written earlier today in the clinic waiting room. I felt a little squishy all day from the extra liquid, but at least the test is done.)

Other exciting news: We're this close to having the downstairs bathroom completed. The truly unforgettable 70's style foil wallpaper is gone, as well as the cracked shower floor. It's all nicely tiled now, just awaiting the contractor to install a new shower door tomorrow. It's been under construction since we moved in, so it's like discovering a whole new bonus room.

I reluctantly went shopping tonight to find a new business jacket for the office. I only have one suit-ish coat that still fits, and at the rate it's getting fuzzy with wear, it's not going to last five days a week for the last trimester. It's so disappointing looking through places like Motherhood Maternity, where the fabric quality is often pathetic. Mir would be proud of me though – I found a black jacket in a great material, originally priced at $250, marked down four times until my purchase price of $39!


Sandra said...

Gotta love a jacket on sale and a new bathroom ... but not a glucose test. Ick.

Mayberry said...

Now that's some fancy wallpaper!

Mir said...

I AM proud of you! Well done! :)

Andrew's mommy said...

Yikes. That is some serious wallpaper. I will have to post some before and after pics of our wallpapered kitchen and bathrooms. It's amazing the difference once it comes off, isn't it?

kittenpie said...

Wow! Gotta love a good deal like that!

And I remember having a hard time last time around with that test, as well as with all the liquid they want you to drink for ultrasounds. I was similarly proud a couple of weeks ago when I managed 4.5 glasses of water out of the five they wanted me to drink! I took about 20 minutes, not 15, but still. I was fit to burst anyhow, so it had to be enough, right? (Because I'm the same - I just don't drink much.)