Sunday, January 06, 2008

Long, Stick-Like Objects

It was raining pretty hard on our moving day, but I didn't feel right complaining when there were others who had to dig their belongings out of the snow in moves that very same week. "Weather" in California is a relative term, and I try to remember that I spent the first fourteen years of my life in snow country.

However, we are indeed having a spell of weather this weekend – pouring rain and three storms in three days.

Q is not so disappointed, as this gives him an excuse to hold the umbrella, which is another long, pointy, stick-like item so much like his beloved brooms.

A neighbor on the next street lost a huge tree. Although I'm no a forestry expert, it looks like it might not have been in the prime of health. It's still sad to see such a veteran crashed to the ground. You can't quite tell from the photos, but thankfully, it fell in the opposite direction from their house, taking out a lamppost in the process.

We've been discovering little things to fix around the house. A broken cabinet hinge here, a problematic kitchen drawer railing there, some dryer venting issues, and discovering where exactly the TV cabling goes. Oh, and the door to the Harry Potter room got stuck the other day, so it's a good thing those of you wanted to check it out weren't inside. A wire coat hanger and some prying took care of the problem, fortunately. All in all, minor stuff, especially since the roof appears to be watertight against the storm.


Mayberry said...

He looks adorable in his foul-weather gear!

kittenpie said...

It's so sad when trees go down. It'll be another 50 years before it's that big again, even if you planted it the same day!