Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If This is What He Wants Now, Wait Until He's 16

Q's little friends are all starting to turn three, so the birthday parties have begun. We're wondering what to do for his birthday. Have a playdate at a kid's gym? The indoor playground? The zoo? However, 'big crowd at a big place' is not his thing, so if we rented a kiddie park, it wouldn't really be about Q and what he'd enjoy the most. I think his idea of a heavenly party would be a gathering where a roomful of people were eating ice cream cake and everyone let him eat half of their slices.

Tonight, while admiring a thank you note from one of his recently birthday'd classmates, we asked him. "What do you want to do for your birthday party?"

You ask, and you find out. He wants to play Guitar Hero.

The staple of the college bar scene, and apparently, our living room. We're going to have to think about just how to make it work, but why not? He's certainly crazy about air guitar and drums. Maybe a few of the other toddlers would enjoy it too.

While my folks were in town, we played family Rock Band and at the end of a particularly spectacular drum solo by Q, I announced, "Now is the time when the band kisses their mama."

The little dude put down his drumsticks, trotted over and kissed my cheek. My mother raised her eyebrows.

I figure I have a limited amount of time to influence his rock star protocol, so I'd better take advantage of it.


ewe are here said...

A roomful of three year olds playing guitar hero? Love it!

Mayberry said...

Opie would LOVE that party!

You should have a mohawk station where you punk out all the kids' hair before they start jamming.

tali said...

Sounds like a great party! A mohawk station, an ice-cream cake station, a Guitar Hero station, and a Mommy-kissing station :)

Bon said...

i think i want to come to the party. :)

kittenpie said...

So you're going to have to go on tour with him for the kisses, then, huh?