Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Can There Be So Many Forms to Fill Out for School Already?

We love Q's preschool. The teachers post pictures of the kids doing their activities, send newsletters of upcoming projects, and are excellent communicators. One day, his favorite teacher described the day's highlight in an email that was sent just five minutes after class was dismissed – she described and included a video clip of Q performing a section of Riverdance during free play time!

Unfortunately, the school is a bit far from our new home, too distant for driving home during the short duration of class to make sense. It's not a problem now, since Nanny J only has to ferry around Q. However, next year, she'll have Swimmy to bring along, and we don't want him to spend a whole morning in the car.

So, sadly, we've been looking for a new preschool. It's been an interesting process of elimination. Not something crazy-academic. He knows his letters and numbers and such, and I think it's too early to demand serious academics. Not immersion Spanish, since a third language isn't really the most important thing right now. Not super-churchy, since we'd prefer a secular school.

I think we've found a place nearby. It doesn't have quite the material resources as his current school, but the teachers are long-term and friendly, and they seem to have the same attitude on learning priorities. I'd like him to learn how to share and take turns, since at home, it's always his turn. The classroom is well stocked with toys and activities, and of course, there'll be other children his age, which is exactly what we can't give him at home.

We took Q to the open house last week, and I was so proud of him. He wasn't scared or even reluctant. When we stood outside the door, closing our umbrellas and preparing to step inside, I explained that this was a school. He asked, "Are there teachers inside?" He's really fond of his teachers, so it was a nice, hopeful tone of voice.

As would be expected from our rambunctious-at-home but quiet-outside fellow, he didn't talk much during the visit, but waved at all the teachers, did a few art projects, and checked the place out without being clingy. He's come a long way since we started preschool in August.

I think the new school looks good. I'm going to give us a week to mull it over, and then I'll need to tell his current school that we'll finish up the year in June, but won't return in September. I think one of the hardest parts is leaving the four other families from Moms Group who also attend, since we get to see them at occasional parent events. We'll have to try harder to get together with everyone.

P.S. Thanks for all the 'hip' advice for yesterday's post!


ewe are here said...

Ahhh, a decision I keep pondering... should I move Ramekin to a closer nursery program... I love love love where he is... but it is rather far now that we've moved.

Great pics!

wayabetty said...

I know what you mean by the amount of paperwork for Trent's Kindergarten this coming Sept. I'm hoping he gets into a full day K instead of half a day!!