Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decisions of Immense Consequence

You'll notice that events of significance get proportionally less coverage on my blog than one would expect. I'm usually still analyzing their impact or recovering from exhaustion and not ready to write about them when the thoughts are fresh, and by the time I'm ready to write, other news has taken precedence.

That's why I'm going to post about the agony of deciding between the following two octopus-decorated wastebaskets for Q and Swimmy's bathroom instead about how we sold our old house yesterday.

I think this yellow octopus is the cutest, but all those nooks and crannies are going to be a pain to clean.

This one is pretty cute too.

If we didn't use an electric toothbrush, I'd go for this toothbrush holder.

Look at these adorable shower curtain hooks! I'm only going to admire and not purchase though. We used to have a similar set featuring colored fish, and they came off the curtain rod too easily. I like my cute sealife a lot, but not enough to re-hang the shower curtain every day.

Fingers crossed that the house sale goes through.


ewe are here said...

Congrats on the house.

And I love the yellow octopus bin!

Damsel said...

I agree that the yellow one is cute, but would be a pain to clean. Would it fit in the bottom rack of your dishwasher?

Mayberry said...

Ooh, good idea, Damsel. Otherwise I'd say, with great regret, that the other one (non-crannied) is better.

Thinking good thoughts on the house!

brendaj said...

Real estate transactions are so stressful. We went through that this year too. I hope yours goes smoothly!

Christina said...

I like the second trashcan. It goes better with the shower hooks, I think!

YF said...

seriously cute stuff. i stupidly continue to by tooth brush holding things even though we are electric too. then i put random crap in them and let them sit out. hmmm.

CONGRATS on the sale! woo hoo !

kittenpie said...

congrats on the house sale! And way cute sealife goodies. I'd be on those, too.