Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bending Rules, Cuz It's My Blog, Darn It

All across the blogosphere, writers have recapped their best posts and memories of 2007 and prepared their goals and resolutions for 2008. I didn’t think I even had the energy to recap the last two weeks, so I'm going to do the "first title/sentence of the month" post instead. Since it's already January 2, I'm giving myself the choice of the first or second post, plus adding commentary from today's perspective.

January: Auditioning for the Rolling Stones
Q, simultaneously doing a rock star impersonation and enjoying milk.
Now: Q is still loving the rock star life.

February: Spinning Round and Round
If your child wants to grab your hand and run around and around you until you're spinning and he's squealing happily while dangling from your arm, it's probably not a good idea to try to take a picture with the other hand.
Now: We still spin a lot, but he's getting hard to dangle. Longer arms and legs!

March: Limited Success on the Fashion Front
Several fine ladies have written about their lifelong battles with bangs (hairstyles, not explosions, although some of the pictures can make you wonder), but I think I have a story to top them all.
Now: My hair stylist has moved out of town, so anyone have recommendations?

April: Wayfarers On, Baby
Ever since bubble skirts showed up in last year's fashion parade, I've been dimly aware that the 80's influence is back, but it didn't really sink in until I saw black rubber bracelets and neon mesh gloves for sale at Claire's.
Now: Current fashion is so preggers-friendly that it's difficult to locate the maternity department at Old Navy.

May: A Portrait in Space Aliens
When we get to this page in Astronaut Piggy Wiggy, Q points to the green and yellow creatures and says, "Mama (approximation of Space Alien), Baba (Space Alien)."
Now: I'm starting to look like I have an alien in my tummy, but he'd better not choose the exit route of Sigourney Weaver's aliens.

June: A Boy and His Robot
Visits to the post office are so much more exciting, now that R2D2 is helping out.
Now: I cannot believe how much of SwingDaddy's Star Wars paraphernalia we uncovered during the move. To be fair, I didn't realize how many costumes I had either.

July 1
Little Pitchers and Their Big Ears
For accuracy, this post should really be titled "In My Child's Ears." Or perhaps, "In My Child's Nose."
Now: The little dude is really into "blow nose" right now, since I have a tissue in hand all the time. Excavating big boogers is still kind of a triumph though.

August: Somewhat Skeptical of These Local Customs
On their way into town, Q’s grandparents had a layover in Wisconsin and were compelled to purchase native garb.
Now: Still don't understand those cheesehats, but Mayberry may have more to say.

September: The Origin of the Phrase
Sometimes, no matter how darling your children are, you completely understand why the following phrase was coined: "What are you crying about? I'll give you something to cry about!"
Now: He's been an extraordinarily well behaved child, but he only has two months left of "two" and boy, we're getting it hard this week. Note to self – remove all stick-like objects from playroom before morning.

October: Not a Word, but Plenty of Sweeping
As we pulled into our driveway after running an errand tonight, we realized that Q's incessant happy chatter had not paused for breath in about twenty minutes and had reached such an intense level that our ears fell off.
Now: He's still pretty quiet at school, but makes up for it at home.

November: For a Zillion Dollars and a Crate of Macaroni and Cheese
We saw a dream of an open house this weekend.
Now: We didn't buy that place, but amazingly found a better house for a lower price. Yay!

December: Amnio on the Mind
You probably already keep up with the news at Her Bad Mother, where Catherine has had some troubling news and is contemplating an amniocentesis.
Now: Happily, HBM has received good results from her test. Here's to healthy babies and healthy families in 2008!


ewe are here said...

Love this recap, especially the where you are 'now' additions.

I did the '1st sentences' list as well last night. Makes a nice review of where we were last year.

Mayberry said...

woo! Cheese hats. It's all about the Packers and they are in the playoffs, baby.

Sandra said...

Good for you for breaking the rules .. this was my very favourite recap!!

Happy New year to my favourite Charlies Angel.

kittenpie said...

I need time to get with the recap train. I'm thinking maybe this weekend, but then again, maybe I won't.