Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yeah, It was a Good One

The holiday was just lovely, filled with thoughtfulness and love and a tricycle that Q refuses to take outside so far. After some exploration of the convection oven capabilities of the kitchen, we ate a lot of food and watched a small napless boy run in circles with his new toys.

And yay! We heard from a friend who received our Christmas card in the mail, so the somewhat suspect post office came through after all. I was happy with the photo we chose, featuring a sort of toothpaste-commercial smile from Q. He’d discovered that day that climbing trees is fun and demanded that SwingDaddy boost him upwards into branches. I did my best to stay close, in my somewhat unbalanced gravid state.

The outtakes were a-plenty, and I am blocking out projected images of next year’s shoot, where we’ll be trying to make one more of us look respectable. Maybe this is why people start sending pictures of only their children. One of my colleagues has four kids, and starting in November, we would wait breathlessly each Monday for his report on the weekend’s photo attempt, usually involving one child or another crying on Santa’s lap. Each subsequent week towards Christmas got more desparate until they last year they decided they’d use a collage of summer vacation pictures and allevate the stress.

I hope that Chris of Notes from the Trenches, mother of seven, posts her selected photo. The outtakes were hilarious. I probably would have chosen this one for the card.


Mamacita Tina said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Just checking house? Hurray! Enjoy! In our house, we have light switches we have no clue of what they turn on.

Ian got a tricycle a year ago, he still won't ride it. Laurel received one this Christmas and loves it!

Happy New Year's!

kittenpie said...

i am loving how much his dimples show up in this one! So cute.