Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Takoyaki Twin and the Sealife Flotilla

Because you really don't want to hear me go on about my current state of denial (What indigestion? What packing? What cleaning? What escrow delays because of the wacky state of the mortgage industry?), we're returning today to a nice fuzzy, friendly topic. Happy packages arriving in the mail full of cute plush sealife!

About two years ago, I set a moratorium on adding stuffed animals to our house, because I didn't want to dilute the standard of cuteness, and we were running out of room. It was a pretty successful rule, and I started taking pictures instead. During last summer's trip to the New England Aquarium, when faced with an entire gift shop of sealife, I didn't leave with a single creature, in spite of all the opportunities. (Q brought home a little turtle from SwingDaddy's mom and stepdad, but it's strictly his turtle who sleeps in his crib.)

Check out the merchandise, especially the goofy hammerhead sharks that look like they've collapsed from exhaustion into a big soft pile:

New plush friends have been few and far between for a while, but I am blessed with alert readers. Appleseed recalled that her small son, Jimmy, was mad for a plush octopus they call Takoyaki. She says the name actually means fried octopus ball, but they thought it was funny – the whole story with featuring photos of adorable child snuggling octopus here. Appleseed bought a second, identical toy, just in case Jimmy wore out the first one, but the original remained intact. And she mailed Takoyaki Twin to me! I mean, to Swimmy.

We are so honored to be found deserving of Jimmy's emergency backup octopus. Thank you, Appleseed.

As you can see, Takoyaki Twin has good company. Both with other octopi (left to right: Mr. Pentapus (orange), Huggy (green), Takoyaki Twin, Mr. Bubbles (purple), Pearl (pink) and Wiggles (light green)):

Here he is with some related pals from the same line of "Extremely Relaxed Animals." Larry (from Lady O) and his brother Larry (from SwingDaddy's brother, Gamer D), from Christmases past.

If that wasn't enough sealife fun, SwingDaddy's stepmom ordered the nursery set I raved about. One day last week, a huge box arrived on our door. We opened it up and Q pulled out the starfish pillows. SwingDaddy said, "I think these are for your little brother."

Q said, "No, they for Mama!"

Thanks, grandparents! We're looking forward to decorating the nursery.


Kimberly said...

I love Q's response to the package--the little Dude clearly knows what's what.

And your pictures are adorable, but I still need to go take some deep breaths (have I ever mentioned my extreme terror of aquatic life?)

(I dare you to send Jenny a plush squid)

Mayberry said...

Perceptive little guy! I love your octopi family.

Bob said...

Nice cuddly star fishes.

fourthbreakfast said...

Ha ha ha!!! I never knew you named the lobsters a la Newhart.

appleseed said...

Wow! Fancy portraits with a backdrop and everything! Takoyaki will be pleased with his twin's adventure!

kittenpie said...

I like the racks of squid. That looks like a good meal...