Monday, December 17, 2007

Swim for the Border

We've been studiously working our way through all the nutritious soups in our fridge, so for contrast tonight, SwingDaddy suggested a late night run to Taco Bell. Swimmy agreed with a good kick, so I'm blogging while awaiting Tacos Supreme. Yum.

Moving Oddity:
We got a lot of previously used packing boxes from our moving company, both in the interest of saving money and being eco-conscious. The labels left over from other people can be quite amusing.

Who was Will and why was he keeping a huge box of "boring books?"

We're shutting down the computers tonight, so tomorrow may be on offline (gasp!) day.


wayabetty said...

Oh, the cravings! I remember those time fondly! But not too fondly now since I still have about 3 sizes to go. KFC was my weakness! Enjoy!

Mayberry said...

Offline! This is serious.

good luck with the move. Don't take any boring books.