Monday, December 10, 2007

Bringin' It, Riverdance Style

Apparently, we've been watching a little too much "Riverdance" on DVD lately, by Q's request. He's very fond of "Jean" (star Jean Butler).

He's learned some of Colin Dunne's moves.

However, his favorites are the Russian dancers.

The blurry fellow on the right is doing an amazing Russian split jump.

SwingDaddy and I are frequently summoned to the kitchen to "dance the Russian dancers" with Q, and we join hands in a circle to spin around and around.

Then suddenly, Q will kneel on the ground.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Wait for Jean!" he says.

If you can't quite see the dancers in black, here's a closeup. They're kneeling in a wide circle around Jean, as she dancers her solo.

Q runs the whole production, from the Irish dance, to the Russians, to the American "tappy" dancers, to his favorite instruments in the band (accordion, blue electric violin, and of course, the drums). His preschool teachers reported that he did quite a bit of dancing last week at school, throwing off his shyness for an afternoon.

Thank heavens that we love the music from Riverdance. Could you imagine if this obsession was with Dora the Explorer? Horrors.


Mayberry said...

That kneeling picture is absolutely fantastic!

Bob said...

Cool moves!

appleseed said...

So. Freakin'. Cute!
He should start or join the Jean fan club! (Is there one?)
I love that he not only stars but directs, too!

ewe are here said...

He's just adorable!