Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Rise of a Wock Star

Q, thoroughly enjoying the microphone and hand-built stand that my parents allowed him to unwrap a few days early.

I had two goals today. The first was to get rid of my fever, and the other was to seal and mail our Christmas cards. Well, one out of two ain’t bad. I looked up the nearest post office on, but couldn’t find it. When I turned on the GPS to locate “Post Offices,” it sent me to this bucolic nearby village, where the office was only open from noon to 4pm, Monday through Friday. I stuffed the cards into the mail slot and hoped for the best. It’s going to take a while to find replacements for all our old services and stores.

Returning to the other goal. Aside from a couple of months of morning sickness, I’ve had a generally healthy year, but I think I caught whatever Q had. I’ve gone through almost a bear’s worth of honey mixed with hot water in about a day. I had a craving for Coke and Doritos tonight though, so maybe those will do a better job of curing the sickies.

One of my co-workers was commenting that between various ongoing minor illnesses, he didn’t think there was a week where both of his kids made it to daycare all five days. I said that Q had started school in August and hadn’t yet missed a day. I guess we’re binary around here. No long battles with sniffles – we just end up in the ER with croup.

Anyway, the little dude was pretty chipper all day, and even demonstrated a new, alarming skill. He’s been happily sleeping in his crib, even at two years and nine months, so we haven’t been pushing the idea of the big boy bed. Why fix what isn’t broken? Swimmy’s not going to need the crib for months anyway.

Q usually calls in progressively louder protests from his crib until we go and pick him up. Today, we took too long, and he vaulted out himself. Guess we have some bed shopping to do.


Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas!

(To think, someday we'll be able to say we knew the Dude who combined sweeping and drumming--oh! Can you imagine his joy when he finds that you can drum with those broomlike swishy things???--way back when...)

kittenpie said...

Ugh, we were sick for all of Oct and Nov this year, including the croup. We couldn't even go get flu shots to keep healthy, because you have to be healthy to get one! Crazy.

And yeah, Pumpkinpie started climbing out of her crib calmly just as we were getting her big girl room ready, so that sped us up a bit! She loves it, though. It could be the perfect thing to get him out of there, give it a few months for him to lose his association with it, and then set it up for Swimmy! Good timing, Q!

YF said...

Hey you... sorry that you feel sick still. And poor Q. Hope that you all feel better soon - and just so you know, i don't have either of your really good excuses, and I still have xmas cards to go out.