Saturday, December 29, 2007

One Year Closer to Claiming Adulthood

Sleeping in, time with family, the best dinner ever – would it be possible for yesterday’s birthday to be better? Perhaps with an aggressive application of chocolate, but not by much.

We haven’t yet persuaded Q to ride his new tricycle outside, but he’s willing to give SwingDaddy some help as he pedals.

My parents gave us an excellent lightweight step stool, the kind that has two levels and folds up. With all the loading-of-shelves that we’re doing, it’s in use about 22 hours of the day. Q, being an observant child, figured out that he can quickly move this handy tool to wherever he likes and gain access to items three feet higher than his previous reach. Scissors! Screwdrivers! Permanent markers! Pretzels! In turn, we’re relocating our unpacking supplies to even higher shelves.

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Mayberry said...

Happy birthday!