Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maternity Fashion That I Adore

There were two items of maternity wear that I actually loved. The first was a red silk Regency ballgown that I wore three weeks before Q was born. I'd saved that particular era (Jane Austen-esque) for a preggers year, since the empire waist makes anyone look pregnant anyway.

The second was a red toggle pea coat, which was so cheerful and warm. I'm thrilled that Swimmy is due in the same season as Q, so I can wear it again. I would have brought it out regardless of fashion (who wants to buy a second maternity coat?), but I was happy to see this in a recent Nordstrom catalog.

Imagine the coat being convex instead of concave, and that's it.

Move update: We’re in the new house! Too tired to write about it, so more tomorrow.


Bob said...

Hey, that's right, both of them are around the same season. Saves on clothing for mom and kids.

Kimberly said...

That is an adorable coat!

And hooray for same season! I thought The Ladies were same season--there's snow on the ground for both birthdays--but apparently "Just before Winter" and "Just before Spring" are not in fact the same season. Some of their stuff passes down, but I also end up with adorable sweaters that fit in July or too cute sunsuits for January. Sigh.

Mayberry said...

And you still didn't miss a day! Amazing. Love the coat.

San Mateo said...

If I ever get pregnant again, I'm only going to wear ball gowns -- what a great idea!

Congratulations on your new house. Merry Christmas!

Mary Tsao said...

Oops, that was me. Um, happy new year, too!