Friday, December 21, 2007

It Knows When You are Sleeping, It Knows When You’re Awake

It knows you shut the front door, now be quick for goodness sake!

Our new house talks to us. When someone leaves, we hear the omnipresent house voice saying,”Front door open” or “Laundry room door open.” This afternoon, I told SwingDaddy that my parents had opened a few windows to help dissipate the fresh paint smell, and he said he knew. From the bedroom headquarters, the house voice had told him, “Right kitchen window open” and so forth.

Right now, I don’t mind, because we’ve got people coming and going, working on plumbing and tiling, but we’ll think about reducing the number of security system announcements as we settle into routine. It’s probably a good idea to leave the front door alert running, because the little dude is tall enough to open it by himself, and the house voice would keep him from running off without warning.

The other thing that’s taking some getting used to is the lights. Mr. Original Owner was a techie after our own hearts, and he installed programmable lighting that is fascinating in theory, but a little challenging when you’re just trying to see in the darn kitchen and you’re faced with this:

What switch do you press and how many times?

I was worried that we’d have to issue candlesticks to all our guests, but I think we’ve got it mostly figured out now.


Karianna said...

I love the "beeps" that our house gives us when windows and doors are open. Otherwise, Splig would escape...

Having the voice specifically say which is open would be terrific!

Mayberry said...

You know they say continuous narration is good for babies -- so Swimmy will have a leg up!

What I need is a fence that tells me if a kid or dog escapes from the yard.

kittenpie said...

Wow, I think I would be totally creeped out to have voices in my house. But then again, I live in an old house, and always have, so new tech is a little suspect. I am thinking of putting an extra latch on the front door way up high, though, because you do occasionally hear those tales of toddler escapees that freak me out.