Sunday, December 09, 2007

Alanis, This is What They Mean by Ironic

A couple of weeks ago, PunditMom wrote a review about a book that included a lot of great tips on how to reduce clutter and make the best use of the space in one's house. Even though my home only aspires to be tidy these days, I'm an organizer by nature, so I read with great interest and responded to her request for our best clutter-reducing tips. (Mine is an oft-repeated goody: Take a photo of the memento, like a favorite old college t-shirt that you'll never wear again, and donate the actual item.)

PunditMom did a random drawing among the commenters for her review copy of the book, and I won! The package arrived on the same day that I had the movers at our house, estimating what it will cost to take our belongings to our newer, larger house, the place where we're afraid we'll have no furniture in any of the downstairs rooms for a couple of years. In a moment of extreme irony, I realized that the title of the book is "DOWNSIZING Your Home with Style." Too funny!

Anyhow, I read the book, and it was filled with good ideas about space and proportion, besides being a good reminder to prevent oneself from collecting crap. Thanks, PunditMom! My mother has some friends who are planning to move to smaller places in the next few years, so they will be the happy recipients of a most useful book.

Speaker of my parents, they're coming up for a week to help us settle into the new place and celebrate Christmas. At this point, I can't count the number of times they've arrived to the rescue with homecooked food, unbounded patience for their drumming grandchild, and helpful hands. This is a season of thanksgiving for us again.

About that little boy:

Great fun at the indoor playground today!


Mayberry said...

The kids will love having no downstairs furniture! More room to RUN!

SassyBelle said...

yes, that is actually ironic.

On the other hand, everything in that song is just a coinky-dink. NOT irony.

appleseed said...

There is not greater fun to be had then the ball pit on rainy days!