Monday, November 26, 2007

They're Baaaack

Darn it, I'm lazy for just one day, and I miss the inaugural picture for the second annual Christmas light display series. If you recall from last winter, our next door neighbors are highly enthusiastic about their holiday lights, and we can content ourselves with merely placing a mirror on our side of the street if we want to add to the festivities.

They had put up simple blue icicle lights last night, but I was sleepy and didn't go outside to shoot them. Today, there is already net lighting all over the bushes and a glowing Happy New Year sign over the door. Before we had Q, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm going to miss their decorations when we move away. The little dude so enjoys examining each nightly addition.

It's non sequitur week here at Chez Lady M, so I'll continue with more totally unrelated tales. This afternoon, Q brought home the prints we ordered from the tragic preschool photo shoot. I opened the envelope and pulled out the one we'd selected. He came over to look at it and chirped, "Not happy!" Yeah buddy, next time you could smile a little.

He did smile plenty for one of our dance friends who stopped by to pick up some music. He insisted on displaying several toys and performed a section of the Russian dance from Riverdance for her, a nice contrast from some more shy interactions he's had lately.

And on to a dance topic. Aside from teaching one class at the university in October, I haven't really danced in three months, my longest inactive period in over a decade. Yuck. Now that I'm finally starting to feel better, I did a little searching for studios near our new (fingers crossed) house. There are three schools, including one with an excellent reputation, only blocks away. Hopefully, one of them will be amenable to renting space to us for rehearsals, and it's also exciting to feel strong enough to dream about running out to take class.

Q and his cardboard camera (a clever magazine ad for Nikon that we cut out for him).


Lawyer Mama said...

You know, having neighbors with all the lights is much better than having them on your own home. You get to actually look at their house without doing any work!

kittenpie said...

So glad you are feeling better!

Pumpkinpie is totally excited about the lights, too, and is really on Misterpie's case about getting ours up. So nice I don't have to do the nagging...