Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not What I Intended to Write

. . but various hours of bill-paying and paperwork have eaten up the thinking part of the evening. So, a quick post for tonight.

Q has somewhere learned the concept of Hide and Seek. At preschool perhaps? We went to the local zoo and park this morning and ran around my favorite colorful maze. He hid his eyes and counted to 10 before searching for SwingDaddy. When it came time for SwingDaddy to take his turn counting, Q couldn't bear to tear himself away to hide, so he was "found" pretty quickly.

In other random thoughts, I'm tidying through bookshelves in preparation for the move and finding that I have indeed read all the books I received last year for Christmas (except one), but still have a backlog of others I've picked up along the way at bargain sales. I think that this year I'd better ask for moving help rather than books, so that I can catch up!

It's been freezing around here (ok, don't laugh, I just get cold easily), and I am reminded of a gleeful moment last autumn when I realized that Q was a portable heat source. And this year, he's bigger, for even better snuggling. Awesome.

Lemurs on a cold day - just balls of fur!


kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie has warm hands, too... so nice. (I'm a chilly girl as well.)

And wow, I'm impressed with you actually reading that much - I get so wrapped up in work reading that my backlog just keeps growing. Maybe when I retire?

Lawyer Mama said...

I stopped buying books for 6 months and I *finally* read all of my backlog. Then I hit the bookstore last weekend and now I have a huge backlog again already. Sigh.