Monday, November 19, 2007

Klassy with a K

Over the weekend, we ran into YF and family at the mall while they were picking shoes for Fi. Mom and daughter had selected different pairs and were debating the adorable merits of each. Ah, the joys of girl shoes. Q now has two pairs of sneakers courtesy of my parents, so he gets to choose ("Blue or White?" "Blue!") when we go out. It's a miracle that he gets options, given the small selection for boys.

In any case, we admitted to the YFs that we'd arrived at the mall to grab a quick dinner, and they said the same, except. they'd eaten at the Nordstrom Café and we'd dined at Hot Dog on a Stick, because we're Klassy like that. And we love us some cherry lemonade. So on our next trip, which we hope will be January after the holiday rush is over, we're heading to Nordstrom to check it out.

This morning, my nose bled when I blew it, my gums bled when I brushed my teeth, my back was sorta achy, and I couldn't be happier. For me this is a sign that I'm returning to the normal-style pregnancy that I enjoyed with Q, the kind that doesn't involve regular retching during the second trimester. So I think we're still on an upswing.

Photo credit: ZY


Mir said...

That is perhaps my favorite picture of Q that you've ever posted.

That is all.

K goose blog said...

all the things that you block out from pregnancy... looking forward to hearing gender when you find out... glad to hear the nausea is subsiding...

Mayberry said...

Did I ever tell you what my OB said when I mentioned my frequent nosebleeds? "Just keep your fingers out of it."

Glad the stomach icks are subsiding for you!