Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Am A Superhero Too

Have you ever worried whether someone would enjoy a gift you've chosen and then have it turn out way, way better than expected?

(And Lady O, if you're reading this and I'm totally wrong, please let me stay in blissful ignorance for a few weeks.)

I've been eyeing the necklaces from Superhero Designs for a long time, especially after admiring Karianna's at BlogHer last summer. I finally had an excuse this week for Lady O's birthday. What better time to select something pretty that will remind us of our strength and powers than when we're both expecting?

I picked "Joy" for me and "Grass and Sky" for her, since she's fond of green. I wasn't sure if she'd be crazy about the style, but somehow it felt important to give her this necklace.

I wore mine to Chez Lady O for dinner, and she noticed it immediately. "Is that a Superhero necklace?" I had no idea she'd even heard of them before. As it turns out, she's heard the artist speak at last year's BlogHer in San Jose, and found it a fascinating story. I managed to keep my mouth shut for almost ten minutes before I made her open her present.

The little enclosure says:

This is your very own
superhero necklace
it will protect you from harm
attract people to you
and create magic in your life

We can all use a little bit of that.


Kimberly said...

I desperately want a Superhero necklace. Yours are gorgeous and yay you for getting one for yourself AND Lady O!

Average Jane said...

I've been wanting a Superhero necklace ever since I saw Andrea Scher at BlogHer in '06! Someday, I shall have one...

mayberry said...

What a perfect gift! How close together will the little cousins be?

fourthbreakfast said...

Ha! I am wearing it right now. Love it. I even remember Andrea mentioned that she blesses the necklaces before she mails them. Now that is pride and care in work!

kittenpie said...

Those are lovely! Must go check out the website now... And what a sweet giftie.