Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Do You Keep Their Creativity?

To anyone who reads this blog regularly, it's well known that Q loves to drum.

He came up with this setup entirely on his own. He started out with a pair of plastic bottles, now replaced with real drumsticks, banging the bin for his oversized toddler Legos. A few weeks later, he stacked the ramp supports for his train set into a tower to use as the high hat. Later, he noticed that the wheels of his tricycle looked like cymbals, so he turned them sideways and arranged them around his drum. Most recently, he found a blocky memo pad and placed it under his foot for the kick pedal.

I love this. I love how he made this whole drum arrangement out of his own imagination. While we do plan to indulge him in some more "real" instruments, I hope that we can encourage that creativity and not let it get squashed by the academics and organized activities that will inevitably crowd his days as he gets older.

Right now, a music book with a little toy keyboard can be held sideways and called an "accordion."

And the handle of a miniature wagon from my parents' friends becomes a top notch microphone.

Keep on with the dreaming, little guy. I'll do my best to keep up.


appleseed said...

This is so awesome to watch! The imagination play is just starting to blossom over here, too. It is amazing and exciting to think of what they will come up with next, all on their own!

tali said...

Love that last photo! Go Q!

kittenpie said...

That is awesome! I love imaginative play. We have tons of toys, but they are mostly geared towards making up stuff with them.