Sunday, November 04, 2007

For a Zillion Dollars and a Crate of Macaroni and Cheese

We saw a dream of an open house this weekend. For ten minutes, I strolled through the brand new home, imagining us living in the lovely, open spaces, with plenty of room for Q and Swimmy to play, a spacious guest suite for visiting grandparents (and bloggy friends), and a top notch school district.

Of course, then I had to imagine cleaning five toilets (since there were four and a half baths), occasionally misplacing a child for days in the vastness of the master bedroom, and needing to cook on a regular basis to justify the high-end granite-and-stainless-steel kitchen, besides the fact that we'd be eating ramen noodles for the next ten years to afford the mortgage.

I read articles on about how there are two million homes for sale in the U.S. and how nothing is moving, and I wonder where they are, because they certainly aren't around here. In the five towns where we're looking, there were two houses in our price range on the market last weekend. This weekend, there are zero. The one we visited is listed above our target, even before everyone comes and bids up the price.

I crave a big beautiful home, with enough space to pursue hobbies without scattering scissors and needles across Q's play area. I want a place to entertain, to host a stunning baby shower for my sister and little dance parties. I want a guest room that isn't also called the "living room" during the daytime.

However, I also want to feel financially secure and not overextended. I want us to work because we enjoy our jobs, not because we'd instantaneously sink into a mire of mortgage debt if either of us were to need a breather.

We should probably hunker down and stay in our place for another half year, although SwingDaddy is more optimistic that we'll find a house that's just right. Swimmy can sleep in our room for the first few months, so that buys us some more time while the market shakes out. We're cozy and snug where we are, and that's good enough.

Or at least, that's what I keep reminding myself.

Every good industrial engineer's child knows how to work the tape measure. Q checks out his play space and wonders if a new house will meet his standards.


mir said...

Dude, if you're willing to move to New England I happen to know of a house you have have REALLY CHEAP. ;)

mayberry said...

I really think you should hold out for the guest suite. After all, there is BlogHer 08 to think about...

PunditMom said...

Yeah, I'm with Mayberry! ;)

wayabetty said...

In our town, there are a tons of houses on sale and they are not moving. I really think "fate" has a lot when buying a house. The house we live in now was the last we looked at and my sister moved in next to us. I hope you'll find your dream house in the near future.

Damselfly said...

Misplacing a child for days, hee hee! I don't know if I could live in a home that big. We qualified for some when we were house-hunting, but instead we chose a "normal" house with a big yard.

kittenpie said...

We moved when Pumpkinpie was 3 months. It works just fine for a while in cramped spaces, I'd say even 8 or 9 months is doable before they really get moving.

We made a big compromise on house, too, because there just was a limit on what Misterpie was willing to spend and still feel comfortable. (Me, I figured we'd be spending it on reno's anyhow, but then I didn't know that he'd be ditching the job six months later, either!) So we bought a house in a great neighbourhood with good bones that needs a full-on gutting when we get around to it. I've gotten used to living in a dive, frankly. At least I don't worry about keeping it all gorgeous!