Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's That Spell?

H-O-R-N spells "Clarinet." Why, you might ask?

I scored a free review copy of the PBS show Word World at BlogHer, and we finally got around to putting it in the DVD player. It's now the pre-bedtime favorite.

Mayberry described the premise in her ParentBloggers review, but in short, all the animals and many objects in Word World are drawn in the shapes of the letters in the words. Thus, a pie looks like this:

And after an episode all about how the chef makes P-I-Es, this is what SwingDaddy went to the store to get me:

One quibble though. There's a nice musical interlude where the characters play G-U-I-T-A-Rs and D-R-U-Ms. Q really loves this part.

The problem is that the little dude has ingested too much from his old Baby Einstein Orchestra DVD (God, this makes us sound like the worst, TV-bound parents ever), and insists that the H-O-R-N:

Is a Clarinet!

Which in all fairness, is right. It looks and sounds like a clarinet. It's somewhat disconcerting though, when you hear your child yelling "H – O – R – N spells Clarinet!" at the TV.


SassyBelle said...


well... i imagine if this is the most disconcerting moment of parenthood, you'll come out ahead.

Kimberly said...

We got the Super Why and Regan adores it. However, she absolutely refuses to acknowledge the possibility that "Wolf" contains an "F". You're right, it's a bit disconcerting.

Jenny said...

Ha! But now I'm hungry for pie.

mayberry said...

Mmmm... pie...

YF said...

good one. i love it. too funny

K goose blog said...

pie yum!

the report card is funny... I laughed when we got K's first one. K's current opportunity of improvement...standing on one leg and balancing... The pumpkin basket event seems fun.

kittenpie said...

That's funny! I must admit, though, I'm not loving the show. We're not watching it, at least for now. But Pumpkinpie spelled her first word this past weekend! Am posting about it as soon as I can get Misterpie to upload the photo.