Monday, October 15, 2007

A Slow Return to Humanity, Plus Drumming

Hey, made it through the day again without puking! We must celebrate small victories.

I was really fortunate with my first pregnancy and was healthy enough to work fairly long hours at the office and keep teaching our dance troupe until the last month before Q was born. At the equivalent point to last weekend, I even performed a high-kicking Cabaret Charleston, which is pretty far from my ambitions this time around. I'm just happy to be strong enough to take Q on a jaunt to the grocery store tonight.

We were on our own, because SwingDaddy flew out this morning to join his dad for a roadtrip. After all the Q/Mama/Swimmy-care he's done these last weeks, it's a well deserved break. His stepmom, whom Q calls Grandma N, is arriving tomorrow to play and help out while I'm not in top shape. Thank God for grandparents! My folks have been here several times recently, filling our freezer with homecooked goodies, bringing new toys and "How to Use the Potty!" books to entertain Q.

Tonight, I'm looking at toy drums and drumsticks on Last Christmas, Macy's had a holiday percussion set, "$9.99 with purchase!" so I picked one up with the intention of giving it to Q. After I got it home, we weren't so certain that it was a good idea. Most of the items (kazoo, jingle bells, chimes) looked like a direct ticket to crazyland for us, even if it amused him, so I tucked it away.

Not long afterward, the little dude managed to shatter the two plastic baby bottles he'd been diligently pounding as drumsticks. He was so disappointed that I dug out the wooden toy drumsticks in the Christmas kit, and he went to town. Well, a few months later, he's battered them so badly that they're splintering. I unearthed another pair of the percussion items (pictured above) to tide him over until I figure out my next step.

The question is, do I get him the Parents Magazine Bee Bop Play and Learn that Rugger Mom and other friends have? Or just break down and order some real drumsticks?

The colorful, friendly-looking kit is clearly geared towards toddlers. At friends' houses, he hasn't shown much interest in the other instruments, although he might, given more opportunity. However, we have plenty of drums in the house already, and we really only need the sticks. Plus, the kit costs $39. Two pairs of real drumsticks are $10. I'm leaning towards ordering the real thing, even thought it's the first step down a slippery slope. (SwingDaddy wants to get an entire drum set, but I'm vetoing that until we're successful enough to have a house with a soundproof room.)


mayberry said...

I would get the real thing, for sure. And in a pinch... my son uses chopsticks for drumming!

Jenni said...

We love this site for all our toddler drumming needs! LOL

ewe are here said...

When I was in lawschool, my friend's 4 year old was given a child-sized drumset from her in-laws. It wasn't quiet.

My first question: What did you do to piss them off?

Her response: I don't know, but when we visit them, the drums are going with us.

kittenpie said...

The question is really what would he be drumming on with them? We got a drum with attached sticks that is pretty quiet. Heh heh. But we have a whole bin of rhythm instruments, so she really prefers the maracas! It's great he's into music, though.

Damselfly said...

Wow, you know you're a real percussionist when you start mulching your drumsticks!

Have fun with Grandma N and get some rest.

Mamacita Tina said...

I say go for the $10 drumsticks. There's a chance they might hold up to Q's efforts.