Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange - Both Friendly and Scary

We had a lovely time at our playgroup Halloween party over the weekend. Q did his usual ShyBug act and didn't say much, but we noticed that when it came time to line up for little orange treats (festive pencils, stickers, glowsticks), he didn't hesitate to take his place.

Our hostess works in publishing, and she provided party favors in the form of colorful flashcards with activity ideas printed on the back. When we got home, Q pulled out the "D" card to place next to him drums and gave both the "G" card and the toy guitar to SwingDaddy.


Much scarier news is keeping us alert - orange flames covering thousands of acres. With many family and friends evacuated in Southern California, we can only hope the winds stop sooner than Thursday, which is when they're predicted to end. My parents are safe, but we have our fingers crossed for their house and my old high school.


mayberry said...

THat is one smart little pumpkin!

Damselfly said...

What a smart boy! Hey -- do you like that guitar toy?