Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not Even Hugh Jackman Could Save This Show

When I saw the first commercial, I had high hopes for "Viva Laughlin." Hugh Jackman! Singing! Snazzy casino backdrops! A new TV show to love!

Sadly, it was pretty much a disaster.

There are few actors I admire as much as Hugh. He was fantastic in "The Boy from Oz" - a true dramatic actor, singer, dancer, entertainer. I actually stood outside the stage door on Broadway twice to see him sign autographs and then be whisked away by his driver. I think I was able to capture a blurry picture of the back of his head.

Side note: During intermission, I struck up a conversation with the two older ladies sitting nearby, and they expressed delight at Hugh's talent. They sincerely hoped he would be able to find work after the show closed, since his character was an extremely flamboyant gay man, and "you know, the fellow might get typecast."

I asked politely if they'd ever heard of the X-Men movies, and no, they hadn't. "I wouldn't worry about him," I replied.

Anyhow, the only thing I got out of the opening five minutes of "Viva Laughlin" was that Elvis Presley had a mighty fine voice, a voice to which the main character was sort of lip sync-ing. After that, we just skipped ahead to Hugh's song, which wasn't that earth shattering, and then we turned off the show. Even if the network hadn't canceled the program, my love of Wolverine wouldn't have been enough for a second episode.

A small consolation amusement: If any of you are Hugh Jackman fans, read the Fame Audit conducted by Television Without Pity.


Kimberly said...

I became a fan after I accidentally channel surfed into a PBS broadcast of Oklahoma! A play I'd never had any use for, and suddenly, it's riveting. The power Hugh (and a brilliant director, but pffft).

I've been pretty much ignoring this TV season, and you're confirming for me why that's a good choice. Sorry your memories of Hugh were tainted.

PunditMom said...

Bummer. I LOVE Hugh Jackman.