Monday, October 01, 2007

Frothing in Unison

A few days ago, I felt the onset of morning sickness and hustled over to the bathroom sink, trying to control my retching. I spat out a bunch of mucus (TMI, sorry), and Q came over to pat my leg, worriedly.

"I'm ok, sweetie."

He pulled a footstool over to the other sink, clambered on, and leaned over it, doing his best to spit into the sink. Of course, he can't really spit properly yet, so he was just sort of frothing and drooling, keeping Mama company.

This is a new skill of his that I could do without, but I appreciate the sentiment.

And we appreciate all your good wishes. Thanks!


Mamacita Tina said...

Oh man, I don't miss morning sickness, I feel for you. I wonder if Q will share all of those wonderful pregnant perks with you.

ewe are here said...

Ahh, what a sweetie.

Relieved to say this is one 'joy' of pregnancy I was able to skip for the most part.

Jenny said...



I mean about the baby...not about the mucus and spitting.

I'm so dang happy for you!

K goose blog said...

very sweet. ginger chews! you are almost through this part. Fingers crossed it goes fast

wayabetty said...

Oh, hoping you'll get over this morning sickness soon. It must be something in the water b/c HBM, KC and Mrs. Chicky are also pregnant.

Lady M said...

I'm starting to feel a little less sick, but still soooo tired. Well, I guess it comes with the territory! :)