Monday, October 29, 2007

A First Report Card

Clever, clever preschool teachers. They sent as "assessment" home with Q today, which was a sheet of paper with a figurine drawn out of triangles. Each triangle was labeled with a skill area and colored for "trying," "age appropriate," or "excels."

It took a while for me to notice that the central part of the figure, which was made of non-assessment areas (joy, peace, harmony), was all filled with the "excels" color, making the parents immediately feel soothed. Good thinking, teachers!

Q did very well in the areas that we'd expect (concentration, sense of order, that type of thing) and is "trying" in the independence-type area. It's consistent with the observations we've had when we've seen him socialize with large groups, so we'll just keep giving him opportunities to warm up.

A few weeks ago, his teacher let us know that she heard him call out, "Hey, kick it to me!" to a classmate playing kickball, which was the first full sentence she'd heard him say. So, some progress there.

I was working from home this morning, so I heard him chanting, "I go to cool (school)! Where is snack bag?" in a happy, chirpy voice before he and Nanny J left the house. We're pretty happy with the school and their attention to each child, although we attended the most misleadingly-titled parent enrichment night last week. That's a different post.


mayberry said...

Glad he's doing well and you're happy with your choice -- yay preschool!

wayabetty said...

Good going Q!! And I can't even see a belly on you at all Lady M!