Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Telemarketers, Credit Reports, Octopi

Too incoherent to write much, but here are few things on my mind today:

1) If you registered for the "Do No Call" list five years ago when it originated, you need to resubscribe by September 15. Otherwise, you'll be open to telemarketers once again. (Thanks Dad, for the tip.)

2) If you haven't already gotten a copy of your free credit report, go to Since there are three companies, I order ours every four months to spread them out over the year. For example, January - Transunion, May - Experian, September - Equifax. It's easy to do, and lets you keep on top of any credit inaccuracies before they cause trouble down the line.

3) I've been mostly not alarmed with various reports of cancer-causing agents, because what doesn't cause cancer at this point? However, recent news is getting out of hand and it looks like I'm going to need to do some serious reading. I was planning to donate our old Avent bottles, but maybe they need to go into recycling instead.

4) To end on a cheerier note, Mom-101 has been sending me such cute octopi links lately. I'm trying not to go completely crazy over them. Thanks, Liz!


Mamacita Tina said...

Definitely will be resubscribing, thanks for letting me know.

I use to do credit reports regularly, but haven't since Laurel was born, YIKES!

The plastic issue, definitely something to think about. I don't microwave in plastic anymore, that's a start.

YF said...

yeah, no fun. frustrating. plastic. grrrr. thanks for the note on the dnc list. i have never used the credit stuff... maybe i don't want to know. :-)

Lady M said...

The plastic thing is so annoying. I mostly handwash our plastics, but I was looking forward to throwing everything in the dishwasher . . . guess not!