Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Never Quite Able to Be Wordless, But This Is Close

Keeping on yesterday's flapper theme, here's a picture from three years ago today. The five of us are about to perform at a Great Gatsby summer party. Five? Both the gal on the right and I were pregnant. Is there anything more cliche than a bunch of pregnant chorus girls?

I love the idea of Wordless Wednesdays. I suppose I can interpret "word less" as fewer, rather than no words. How's that for getting weasely with definitions?!


Lara said...

poor V. must have been so lonely there without a little friend to keep her company. :-P

Kimberly said...

So what? You're about ten seconds pregnant, then? :)

You are all gorgeous and it looks like so much fun. Makes me wish (not for the first time) that I was coordinated.

Mamacita Tina said...

Love the antique car behind you five. You guys look great, and oh that had to be so fun!

mayberry said...

I love it! Someday you can tell Q he was there, wearing a shiny gold dress.

PunditMom said...

Where will you be appearing next? ;)

Suzanne said...

I love when you post photos of your group! You all look terrific.

Christina said...

Wow, all three (five?) of you look amazing! And those are great dresses!

Damselfly said...

How fun are you?!

Binkytown said...

Wow. How SUPER fun that looks!

Lady M said...

Lara - V did indeed say that she felt "so alone" that day!

Kimberley - both of us were just at the end of the first trimester. Our kids may be future dance partners!

Mamacita - it was a lovely day, and I wasn't even all that sick by that point.

Mayberry - He's danced on some fine stages in utero. ;)

Punditmom - For the first time in years, we actually don't have our next gig scheduled. I think I need a mini-break.

Suzanne - thanks!

Christina - thanks! We had fun with the dressed. Fringe and beads and rhinestones. Ahhhh.

Damselfly - come play!

Binkytown - you too!